Is there any way to extend a 1 1/4" steerer tube without buying a new fork?

Any way to extend a 1 1/4" steerer tube, by just a little (0.5-1cm) without buying a new fork? I can find 1 1/8 extenders but not 1 1/4

I am not aware of any for 1-1/4" steerer.

Have you considered a different stem with a positive angle another way to get the bars where you want them?

not possible due to proprietary stem/handlebar combo

New fork it is then.

Depending on the brand/manufacturer, they might be able to replace the steerer tube/fork crown. Fox has been known to replace them for a fee but much less than a new fork.

I’d contact canyon… Lol

if its a MTB fork, youd need a whole new CSU. At that point, its up to you to decide if the parts and labor are worth it over a new fork

If its road (like above, im gonna assume canyon), its not replaceable. Youd need a whole new fork. Reach out to them with your SN (on the qr code on the bottom side of the non-drive chainstay) and they can direct you, assuming its in stock

Or Giant (OD2).

This is not actually the case. You can get a new steerer pressed in by multiple suspensions shops. Not important to the OP but information worth knowing!

If it’s relevant, fox just quoted me $400 CAD to replace a crown steer unit on a 36. I think most of their forks are in that ballpark. Fortunately mine was still in warranty!

Interesting. Are they just press fit or bonded? Doesn’t seem like a place I’d want to go mucking around, but cool to know it’s doable.

I think it’s just a press-fit with loctite, however it’s not something I would personally do on my own. Once a mechanic at my shop un-pressed the steerer out of a fork while setting the star nut a little to enthusiastically.

That’s both an incredible feat of strength and disturbing at the same time!

Cool to know it’s doable but I can say with 1000% certainty that if I needed this done, I’d be replacing the csu as a whole.