Is there an issue with importing Strava or Training Peaks .fit files at the moment?

I’m trying to upload a fit file into past rides today however it just seems to hang on the ‘uploading’ dialogue box.

The filename is:

I also tried uploading the strava version of it:

Am I doing something wrong here?

I came here looking for a thread exactly like this. The ride I did earlier today isn’t appearing in my timeline or on Strava despite re-sync showing as successful.

Same thing happened to me this past week. Just stuck on uploading…

Same issue, waited a couple of minutes, refreshed and the ride was in…seems like it does not know it had been uploaded in my case.

So, as you guys have also experienced, it seems the ride did upload even though it was hanging and not giving a confirmation.

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upload just just spins and never says it compl

its may 2,

did the same thing to me, just a spinning circle. i x out of it and went to calendar. And my ride was there???