Is the Saris H3 the best ERG mode currently available?

Title says it all. Looking for the best ERG mode experience and could care less about Sim, etc. Will be paired to a set of Assioma Duos via PowerMatch (and for power reporting), so it doesn’t need to be particularly accurate either.

That’s what dc Rainmaker says.

I have the h3 and in the past I’ve had the h1 and the snap. The h3 is very impressive how fast and accurate it keeps your resistance matched to tr.


Best I have used and currently have. Other things like Zwift it works ok but I think if you can get a good one the Kickr or the Neo are better all around.

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The CycleOps H2 is the my favorite ERG mode trainer. Best feel and overall response compared to my Kickr17, Neo2, Magnus, or Powerbeam Pro.

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I am really liking mine, an upgrade from 22 years of CycleOps Fluid & Fluid2 trainers, due to DCRainmakers review and my success with CycleOps/Saris over the years.

from His Summary: On the flip-side, if you’re living in a TrainerRoad world (or any other ERG mode app), there’s no better trainer than this for nailing ERG workouts best I see at this point. Those trainers simply don’t perform as well as the H3 does in ERG mode.

Thanks all, this is what I’m looking for. Given that I spend >80% of my indoor time in ERG, I’m going to place emphasis on ERG vs SIM. That said, since the Neo 2(T) gets stellar reviews for accuracy, can anyone who’s ridden both the H3 and the Neo compare/contrast the ERG functionality? Are we splitting hairs here, or is the H3 clearly the winner in ERG?

Here’s a random screenshot from the h3. It’s also dead silent. My fan is much much louder. I can’t comment on the neo as I’ve never rode one. I got the h3 because my local bike shop had it on sale for 800 because they just didn’t want trainers in stock for the summer.


I’ve noted in other threads that the Neo2 “feels a bit different” in ERG mode to me. The virtual flywheel is the cause, and it is just something that acts different than a real flywheel like my H2. I get used to it quickly and forget that it’s different after a session or two. In my case, the Neo2 is way quieter than my H2, but both are amazing trainers.

It largely is splitting hairs and something I would potentially struggle with if I had to ditch one. I love the Neo 2 for silence, no calibration. The H2 feels best in ERG, and the calibration isn’t terrible (assuming the Saris app is functioning properly… another story entirely). Tough call really.

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Good info, thanks Chad. The Kickr is removed from this conversation for (probably) obvious reasons, but the Neo 2T and the H3 are a tough choice for me. As a potential deciding factor, do you consider either significantly better than the other when free riding around in Zwift?

For Zwift, I’d rank the Neo2 on top. It reacts faster to grade changes and I do like the “Road Feel” even if some consider it a gimmick. The downhill drive is also a neat feature that doesn’t get mentioned much, but it all goes towards better immersion and more “realistic” feel.

The H2 is good, but the way it measures power catches it out on some rolling terrain with delayed power to effort data. It can lead to odd behavior in the group and getting tailed off / dropped in some cases. It is better after some firmware updates, but still not as good as the Neo 2.

Thank you Chad. Leaning heavily toward the H3 simply because I’ve grown frustrated with many companies (IMO) lack of attention to really “nailing” ERG mode. I realize that Zwift is all the rage right now but, for me, ERG is where it’s at indoors…

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Id say get whichever you can find cheaper. Can’t go wrong with either.