Is Pidcock the new best descender in the peloton?

What descents other than MSR of note other than MSR does Mahoric have (in terms of YT search)?

Are we sure it’s not still Sagan. I mean, just because he’s not at the front of races anymore doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the best bike handlers around :man_shrugging:.

start with ‘mahoric downhill victories’

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Not fair! Not fair! :smiley:

Let Pidcock match Mahoric bike+rider weight. Then we’ll see. Otherwise Mahoric is the bigger rider, correct? He would have an unfair advantage.

Not an example of good descending for certain sure but he was on a TT bike so there is that. So let’s not pick on him for that.

Didn’t he also basically invented or at least pioneered the now infamous supertuck?

He is credited with that, yes. But I’m sure there is some cyclist out there that will say they had to move the shift levers from the head tube to the down tube so they could descend without accidentally shifting gears with their pecs.

But Mahoric was racing Jr and super tucking while pedaling on a downhill attack. It looked so ridiculous and so fast nobody knew what to say.

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Tuna Canyon is a sketchy descent for me always…after watching that I’m blown away! No fear wow!

Indeed. Seems sort of reckless to risk a multi-million dollar athlete for views on youtube, but he didn’t die so I guess it worked out! Truly impressive descending.

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