Is my front derailleur bent?

So, I’ve always hade issues with the front shifting on my Canyon Ultimate that I bought used. No matter what I do, front shifting is always unreliable and I drop way too many chains. I don’t have the same issues on any other bike that I have set up.

One issue I’ve hade while working on the bike is that I haven’t been able to figure out how to align the derallieur, as the outer plate of the cage is curved. But today I thought that it might be damaged?

So, dear forum, does this Ultegra 6700 FD cage look bent to you?


It looks like you are actually missing the small plastic bumper that fits inside and helps with shifting from the small to large chainring.

I’m sorry, but what piece is that? I don’t have any other bike withe the same FD, and googling pictures didn’t reveal anything obviously missing to me?

I’m not sure if all front derilleurs have them but this is it…

Ah, I see. I don’t think that the 6700 FD does have that, but thanks.

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No problem and hope you get your answer.

I’ve just loked on google and yours does look like its bent out in the middle. Here’s one i found on google…

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Yes, mine is definitely bent compared to that picture. I´ll look into this to see if my shifting will improve. Thanks! :grinning:

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New ones are quite cheap. Probably just get another.

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It does look bent, the inner and outer plates should present parallel faces to the chain. The outer plate looks like its lower aft end is bent inwards. That will make it catch the chain and may throw it inside on downshifts.

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That is exactly what has been my main issue. Time for a trip to my LBS.