Bent rear derailleur arm

Noticed that using my suito, that my rear derailleur arm bent, which messed up capacity to shift to smaller ring.

Has any else had this problem?


If you clamp down too hard it can bend the rear hanger but generally won’t affect front shifting

For reference, do you have a similar problem if you use the same bike with a regular wheel?

It may well be a bent derailleur hanger (especially if you have problems on the trainer and with a wheel), and can best be addressed by a mechanic with a derailleur alignment gauge.

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I have ridden this bike strictly on the trainer for the past 6 months, so I doubt that it was happening off the trainer.
Even though I thought that I had the bike in a secure position, I wonder if climbing on and off may have caused the bike to shift slightly, putting pressure on the rear derailleur.

Getting a new rear derailleur arm installed and will need going forward to check alignment before stepping into bike.

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how could this happen by the suito or any other turbo?

cause i’m also using a suito now and noticed i have to microadjust the indexing quite a lot when swapping bike from outdoor to indoor.

I mean the RD is not touching anything and the chainline even if indexing is not 100% the same is not crazy straight. I just can’t imagine how the suito should bend the derailleur cage.

I’m assuming that it was the hanger that bent not the actual derailleur - could be wrong?

Still not sure why the suito specifically would be an issue though.

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yea me neither… hmm

This is common - a wheel-off trainer is mechanically like another wheel to the bike. If the cassette offset (horizontal distance from axle mounting face and the first cog) is not identical between your wheel and the trainer, you will have to compensate with the indexing. Measure the offset on both the wheel and the trainer, verify if the correct number of spacers were inserted in both.