Is LV Masters enough?

A lifelong cyclist at 55 years old I’m new to structured training. I started last summer in preparation for a ‘cross race since I was too busy to ride outside. It worked well enough and I’m now planning training for next ‘cross season.

Since I have limited time due to kids, work, etc. I train on average 4-6 hours per week. I’m about to finish Master’s LV Base I. In addition to this I’m beginning Dialed Health strength training and like an unstructured MTB ride 2-3 times a month of about 2-5 hours each.

For ‘cross I’m fine with finishing mid pack and am satisfied if I feel I’ve done a good race.

Is this enough? Is there anything I should change to make training more efficient without burning myself out?

55 yr old here as well, but that’s a pretty individual question. If you are happy with the balance of results vs. what you are putting into it, than I’d say it’s enough. But you would almost certainly be much stronger/faster with more training (at the cost of other things in your life). Like most things, there are diminishing returns. You are going to get the most “bang for your buck” from a LV plan. Doing something is so much better than nothing. But as you add more and more volume and get closer and closer to our genetic potential, each additional hour of training gives back a little less in return. We all need to find the right balancing point and it’s gonna be different for everyone (and can certainly move over time as priorities change).


Only you can decide what’s enough and what’s too much. Sounds like you want to do a bit more than you are doing. I would add another ride to your mix if you have time and see how that goes. Something fun perhaps.


Thanks for confirming I’m on the right path. Seeing many on here with higher training volumes had me questioning things.

Good idea. I’ll add CX drills in. That won’t take much time and my barrier runs need work. Still have that stutter step on the remounts.

Another ride or a train now of your choosing.

I’m on MV Master’s (XCM) coupled with Wukarfit 2 times a week it’s a lot for me at 56, but I’m not going to improve my Leadville corral (coin draw last year but still currently in Brown Corral) sitting on the couch.

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Minimum effective dose. That’s what most of us are looking for.


For what? You need to define what you goals are before anyone can assess whether it is “enough”.

ETA - I understand you want to race cross and are OK with finishing mid-pack, but we need more context. Have you been racing cross before? Where did you finish? What is “mid-pack” to you (you’ll be amazed at the differences some people have for that word)?

I’ve done a couple of races. I raced at Rockville Cross in the C’s and got second and did Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships last fall. I didn’t qualify for the final but did okay on the qualifying ride, all but one checkpoint with 45 miles and 3400’ of climbing on the single speed CX bike.

Next year I’ll try some of the SoCal CX series and try singlespeed. I’ll do a men’s race too, just not sure which one I’ll belong in. Probably just do C’s and see how it goes.

Hey @DavidJ, stoked you’re training for the next cross season!!!

I like what you have going overall! The LV plan is a great start, especially if you are new to structured training and you’re adding strength training and MTB :slightly_smiling_face:

The one thing I would recommend is adding skills training once you get closer to race season. You can swap your MTB ride for a CX ride and work on cornering, hopping off and on the bike, shouldering it, riding through sand, practicing starts (clipping in) and just overall getting used to the bike. These are great skills to add smoothness to your riding, which translates to faster riding without relying on power output all the time :wink: Just my 2C.


Thank you!

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