Is it possible to have the notes as the spoken word during workouts?

Hi, when doing the workout in TR I find reading the tips on the training a distraction. Is it possible to switch then on as an audio spoken word description?

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I need to see if there is an official support doc (that I can’t find via search right now at least), but there is a way to do it.

Here is a post mentioning it, and I hope @IvyAudrain can fill in the blanks.

@stevoknott If Chad’s aforementioned advice doesn’t help, please let us know as I’m not 100% clear what you’re asking for. Thanks!

It sounds like an option. However I’m using a PC and the voice over I’m looking for is to cover the written instructions/advise given as I’m participating in the workout.

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@stevoknott I understand VoiceOver to be the Apple solution, which TR currently supports on mobile. Suggest trying a mobile device? I’m not a person with disability, but turn on the VoiceOver to hear the captions, which I often miss if distracted.