Ironman: Hills in the heat killed me: what training?

I recently took part in IM Vichy (my 13th IM) and the hills in the heat killed me (temp in high 30s with no shade)

As I’ve said in other threads I’m a big lad 6’2" and 200lbs+ (but I’m also quie lean) I’m 53 with an ftp of 241.

I feel if I could be better on these long steep hills I could nail it next year. What sort of training do I need to do to improve on this sort of course? (See profile)

At the moment I’m looking at doing.

VO2max block
SSB1 lv
V02max block
SSB2 lv
IM plan


If it was the heat, some sort of heat acclimatisation might help.

However, to be brutally honest, your ftp seems pretty low for your weight. Especially if it’s mostly muscle, when you say you’re fairly lean. A low W/kg will kill you in the hills. A 240W ftp will feel ok on the flat if you’re going steady.

I would have thought you don’t need that much vo2max work for an IM. I’d think you’d be better off following base with a sustained power build block to bring your ftp up, before moving to the speciality plans. But I don’t really have any experience in tri’s, others might have better input!


A quick change of planning thrn