Ios or android beta (powermatch)

I’ve been using the ios beta for a while now. I just wanted to know whe slider under the new powermatch specifically does, or what it control’s? I’m using favero assioma uno and kickr snap. If I use erg mode non powermatch, the assiomas read 330ish on my wahoo computer and the interval onthe TR app on my iPhone is 307 for sweet spot. When I use powermatch, and keep a constant cadence of 92 its like I’m doing over-unders. I feel the resistance constantly fluctuating. Is this normal?

Hi there! Sorry you’re having some trouble, support is definitely the best place to go for issues like this. They will be able to diagnose and resolve PowerMatch or device problems at an individual level much better (based on the equipment you’re using, your internal ride log data, and so on!).
You should feel free to email them at with your username, devices, and the aforementioned PowerMatch experience. They’ll sort you out!