IOS iPAD Pro / Mobile not posting rides to Strava

I have just upgraded my iPAD so i can use bluetooth with my new Elite Turbo, ( ihave used PC and ant+ successfully for some time) so I did an “Intro workout” just to check things… all was fine in TR, however the ride has not posted to either Garmin or Strava, i have tried the re-synch a few times no updates coming through… i stress all is fine with how i have used TR previously (all permissions and health data share setup), so is this another variant of an issue on IOS versus Windows apps ?.. anyone else have this ?

There was a problem in the TrainerRoad cloud on Wednesday evening. I filed a support ticket and they fixed my workout on Thursday morning, and it synced to Garmin Connect, Strava, etc.

Would you mind reporting this issue to our Support Team at We have been having some issues with Ride Sync recently, so if any issues remain we certainly want to hear about it.


I ave reported, awaiting feedback, thanks

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