Inverted Back Pain

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In the last few months for the first time I had back problems. However they don’t occur on the bike, on contrary riding a bike cures it temporarily. I noticed my lower back closes more or less each weekend, when I am standing a lot and lifting our kids (4yo and 2yo). I think it’s still muscular, but could also be some compression of the spine. Could it be abs weakness?

As I said riding a bike cures it completely as long as the muscles stay warm. In the morning It’s back again and depending on the day (siting at work or weekends with standing/carrying) comes back again or eases up over my work week.

I know I should go to the physio, but maybe some if you have other initial thoughts.

Have a great sunday and safe ride!

Hip flexor stretches, as long as they don’t aggravate your back during them.

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Yep, hip flexor stretches. And, work your glutes and hamstrings so the back side is doing it’s part. Took me a long time of stretching my hamstrings, while sitting at a desk hunched over and riding a bike hunched over, before I figured it out.

FYI, my chiropractor explained that anomaly that it doesn’t bother you on the bike because you are sitting on that seat, as a balance point, so there’s a component of neutrality while your legs are in motion making constant adjustments, working around the issue.

I have several bulging discs and this is similar to what I get. I would advise not to ignore this and take it seriously. If you are are over 30 there is a very good chance you have some disc degeneration(comes with age and is normal). If your core is weak this could lead to some serious issues. In all cases I would suggest getting some stretching and strengthening work (yoga/pilates!) done 3 or 4 times a week. Loads of resorces on YouTube. Just 20mins here and there. If it persists, get straight to a physio.

I agree with what other athletes are saying here – stretching and some core work often help with these kinds of issues.

That said, our “official” stance would be to see a physiotherapist!

Ive could have written this topic. exact same situation! ( even the kids ages are the same!! Girls? ;-D )
I went to osteopath / physio, he gave me some excersises to do and some stretches. If you have a foam roller, i reccomend something like this video, but use it on the whole spine ( not the lowest and not at shoulders. )
Its pretty good to open up the hunch back

I know you don’t want to hear this - but go see someone qualified. I have MANY patients who seek advice on Dr. Google or Dr. Youtube and make themselves worse because they’re doing “THESE 3 EXERCISES TO CURE YOUR BACK PAIN” and these tend to be the OPPOSITE of what they actually need to be doing - and make themselves work.

The spine is complex - and no one here can give you any feedback without a detailed movement exam. Some of the things mentioned might help - but they might do nothing/make you worse.

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