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True, I have set up as “beginner” and tried to keep everything as low as possible. Still: most workouts turn out around 0,8 IF and somewhere around 80% FTP.

Presumably you’ve ended up with SSB LV1 & 2? Most of the workouts in all variants of SSB are around 0.8 IF apart from those in the recovery weeks like Pettit which are down around 0.6 IF.

Plan Builder pushes you towards Sweet Spot Base as it works for most people. You might be better manually choosing the Traditional Base Low Volume plans and following those but be aware that there isn’t much variety in them.

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As much as I love the way Plan Builder shuffles workouts around events, it’s kinda embarrassing that it still messes up the first week of my plan every time.
Anyone who’s had issues with Plan Builder dropping the Ramp Test and/or the first week of base knows what I’m talking about. 4 months on and it’s still doing it.

Anyway, I set up my spare trainer for my neighbor, as she’s not able to leave the house for two weeks every time she flies back from overseas. (Being a Qantas pilot sucks right now).
I was all like “I’ll hook you up with a TR referral. It’s really easy to use and they have this cool Plan builder feature”. Then when I tried to show her how to set up a plan it did the usual trick and dropped the ramp test and first week of base.

Unfortunately, that’s not a great first introduction to the platform.


I know there wasnt at the outset, but is there now a way to push the entire plan back a week??

Hi TrainerRoad Team, is this something we can ask you nicely to reconsider? I’m currently having all planned workouts set to “indoor” regardless just so that I can get a quick overview of what’s expected. It doesn’t have to be any more sophisticated than e.g. what a planned workout in a Trainingpeaks calendar looks like.

Already mentioned recently and under consideration.

My sister’s training plan was interrupted a couple of months due to an injury. It is time to restart training and there are ~6 weeks left on the plan she created late last year.

Is it better to delete the current plan, and run Plan Builder to create a new plan starting Monday? Or is it better to edit the existing plan and adjust the end date? Or something else?

Yes. A couple of months is a very long interruption.

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Hi there, is it possible to edit the days of the week in a plan without manually dragging 35 weeks worth? thanks

Can you be more specific on your needs and goals?

There are potentially ways to handle issues within the Plan Builder steps initially, as well as after the fact. But the best option depends on your specific needs.

My plan currently has rides Monday and Thursday and Saturday need to change to Monday, Wednesday and Friday due to work.

OK, see [Step #6: Schedule] in the article below:


  • You can drag the workouts to any day that works for your schedule. Do this during the actual Plan Builder process, and it is all set once you add it to the calendar.

You can also do a bit of editing after the plan is added to your calendar, but it is a bit more work.

Open the specific phase of interest (like Base, Build or Specialty by the annotation on your calendar:

And then you can drag around the days like the method above. The issue here is that you have to do it individually for each phase vs an all-in-one approach that takes place in the Plan Builder at the top. But it’s an easier fix vs manual edits you have tried.

Thanks was clicking on the overall plan not the blocks

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" What if I need to add events later?
When new events are added after a custom plan has been applied, we’ll ask you if you would like those events to be accounted for in your plan."

I added an event to my custom plan, but the plan remained the same as before.
A bug or what?

Does plan builder care or change anything for a week long stage race vs a single day A race. I selected Stage race , but it still only shows a single day event in plan builder. Does PB change any of the training days to accommodate this or is it no matter.

Not sure why the plan builder doesn’t allow any TSS/CTL positive ramp after the first 2 months. After chatting with support they are saying it is limited by hours per week, which makes sense. I just don’t understand why there isn’t any option to ramp up TSS beyond the initial limits (limited to 300 TSS per week with the Low Volume Plan).

Why would anyone want to have a stagnate CTL for any time period after 2 months? I understand the reasoning behind not getting blinded by CTL values, but it also seems like a waste of effort not to ramp CTL beyond the first 2 months.

Do I really have to mash together different plans based on the training volume to positively ramp CTL/Weekly TSS? Seems like a major bottle neck for this feature.

AIUI, plan builder is very much a v1 offering aimed at helping people fairly new to structured training work backwards from a goal event or two and build out a plan. Most of those people are going to be constrained by the hours they can spare each each week. If you build out a plan some months ahead and later find that you can devote more time, you can re-run plan builder (increasing the time you have available) and back date it so you don’t “lose credit” for the training done so far.

There are lots of directions they could take plan builder next - witness the threads with requests for Masters-oriented plans that build in different work/recovery week ratios.


Honestly, I’m getting the sense that the coaches behind TR don’t support CTL values in the same manor that the TP program does.

But I still feel as if there should be some middle ground behind a scientific CTL ramp rate and TR’s effectively 0 ramp rate with this tool. But what do I know haha

Where is your evidence for ‘scientific CTL ramp rate’?

I would hope they didn’t pull these numbers out of thin air…

“Typically, a weekly ramp rate in the 6 TSS neighborhood (+/- 2 TSS) works well for most riders, so a weekly ramp rate of 15 TSS is not recommended but still useful for our needs here.”