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Currently my Calendar is populated with the plan created by the Plan Builder.
I went to Plan Builder again today, because I wanted to see what it would it look like if I shift some dates due to upcoming vacation & sick days.
I was surprised to see that at the Events step it asks me to add my events – I’m pretty sure I saw it in the past ask me if I want to use the existing events – is this not retained anymore?

Side question: I skipped some SS workouts last week due to sickness. The upcoming week is supposed to be easy and then the Build block starts. Should I just keep things as they are and use the upcoming easy workouts to get back to training without changing anything? Or should I hit it with some intensity in the second half right before starting Build?

Once you have a Plan Builder linked to events, and applied to the Calendar, they are "locked.

You can add another PB, but the existing linked events are not shared.

You’d need to duplicate the events or delete the existing PB plan to access the existing events.

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plan builder does not seem to work for me. when I look at my B events it has workouts planned on the same day and really tough workout the day before…how can I erase the whole thing and try to start over.??

Go to the start week of you PB plan, open the annotation and delete the plan.

But I just realize if I do that and start over, it will make me repeat the base plan that I just finished

No. Set the start date for your new plan at the same time that your started the original plan. It will adjust and not make you repeat anything.

Here are some great resources you can review to cover all the functions.

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Thanks to all at TR for a really thoughtful tool.

I have one A race for the year, though the race is a series of nine crits scheduled over nine consecutive days. What would be the best way to handle this in Plan Builder if I’m targeting peak performance over the entire series? Would it be any different if I placed significance on any particular race (i.e., I want to do well over the full series, but day x in particular)?

Thanks for the help!

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one thing I would add is that as a beginner, if you complete ssb1LV with 100% adherence, there is a pretty good chance that you have gained enough FTP watts that you are beginning to be limited by VO2 max. the build plans do more to target VO2 max… so by taking a break from base to hit the VO2 max system, you leave yourself more room to grow FTP during SSB2LV…


@Bryce before I go breaking my own plan builder plan that i set up in late december;

I am now through SSB1 and Gen Build 3wks, set to start SSB2 and then going through a full build and specialty.
Race dates have moved around and want to incorporate a training camp week as well.

If I add all the new dates into calendar, delete the existing fwd looking plans, and “redo” plan builder…what is the new plan builder going to take into account for historic training, and I assume it will take into account the new dates of events and camps?

Hey there @RONDAL,

The Plan Builder will not take into account your previous training at this time. What you will want to do is back-date your starting date to the date you originally started training. This will only add workouts past today, but it will take into consideration that you have been structured training for “X” weeks, and will plan accordingly. Depending on how much your event dates have changed, this may not line everything up perfectly, but you can tweak your start date a little bit to make things fit a bit better with some trial and error.

The Plan Builder will take into account all future events you have in your calendar though, and will accommodate appropriately.


I have created a training plan with Plan Builder a few months ago, and I have added a few races (including one A race) when I created the calendar.

Last weekend my team decided on which races to participate in, and I wanted to add a few additional B and C races to my calendar. The calendar suggested to adjust my training plan using Plan Builder.

I think I have encountered a bug. None of the races I am entering are A races — I have already picked my A race for this season — so the Next button stays grayed out. Moreover, my other races for this season are not displayed in the list of races, only the race I wanted to add.

Is that a known bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Edited for clarification.

Not a bug, but a requirement. If you head down the race/event selection (as opposed to “no events” option), you MUST set one event as an “A” class event to proceed.

If you don’t really have an A event, choose whichever one you would place a higher priority or level of importance as the A. Otherwise, , I suggest setting the last event as the A.

I already have an A event scheduled for the season, I just wanted to add more C and B races to an existing plan.

OK. Somewhere on here is an explanation that I don’t fully remember. But I don’t think the recalculate is working now for non-A events. I will try a search, but maybe someone knows or can point to the right info too.

Yeah, sorry, my bad, my initial post was a bit vague, so I have edited it for clarification. I’d be fine if Plan Builder just deleted the workout for that day or not suggest that I adjust my training plan when I choose a priority other than A when adding a race in my calendar.

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I am moving from bike-only to triathlon-oriented training, so I tried to set up a new tri-oriented plan using PB. Previous bike-only plans worked like a treat, but I couldn’t make this one work and finally gave up. Here are my comments:

  1. I’m just starting out as a runner and swimmer, but I have a year’s worth of training in cycling. There’s no way for me to adjust PB so I get harder bike workouts and easier run/swim workouts, it just assumes that I have similar ability levels in all three. I’m sure many/most people would appreciate some ability to tweak TSS for the three disciplines, even if it’s just a percentage bias to increase or decrease.

  2. There’s a known PB bug where moving a workout to another day will cause it to disappear. That’s happening to my bike workouts with PB: I move Wednesday rides to Tuesday, then they disappear. But also, the “brick” workout that should have moved to Tuesday stays on Wednesday.

  1. I’d also like to do a few 5K and 10K races as I progress in training, but there are ZERO running events in “race type”. I can’t understand how or why it would be that I can’t even specify that a B race is a run (5K, 10K, half-marathon, marathon). Gaping hole here.

  2. While not strictly a PB issue, TR’s inability to import runs and swims from Strava or Garmin Connect – even just to have it in my calendar and have the TSS counted – makes the whole TR platform less valuable, because now I need to create a tri plan, manually execute those workouts outside or TR, manually mark them completed and assign TSS, and… it’s just easier to limit my use of TR to bike-only.

In the end, that’s what I’m doing for now. My running is coming from Garmin Connect, and my cycling is coming from a Wahoo ELEMNT. TR is only being used for indoor bike workouts, and unfortunately Strava is where my weekly volume gets seen. I’d much rather use TR as my training hub and just have Strava as my social network and training diary/blog, but TR just isn’t ready.

I know some (maybe all) of these things are being worked on, but please… consider whether they might be prioritized a little higher. Some of them, like simply adding some running race types to the selection box when adding events, are very easy fixes.

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Plan Builder question:

Long story short, due to covid, I was thinking about switching to high volume, but it won’t be forever… If I go into PB and change to HV, then back to MV in a month or whatever, will that cause any problems in the plan, or will it just adapt my current plan to HV?

Nope, that won’t cause any issues :slight_smile:

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Plan Builder is now live on our desktop beta apps!



I just used plan builder to recalculate my plan and it left all of the originally scheduled workouts on my calendar.

First I deleted the 2 remaining events from the calendar without updating the plan. Next I scheduled a new event within the bounds of my current plan (plan builder only offers to update the plan if the event falls within it.) On the initial plan builder page, I moved the event to a later date (outside the bounds of the current plan.) I confirmed all of my selections and updated the plan. When plan builder made the plan changes, it left all of the originally scheduled workouts on the calendar.

UPDATE: I failed to mention that the discipline of the new event I added is different than the discipline of the events I deleted.