🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

It also raises an interesting question for me about how I might use that information to ‘maintain’ fitness when I have less time available, or how ML might learn what is required (for me) to maintain fitness in a particular energy system(s).

Or they collaborated… hey Dylan fancy putting a dumb video out about everything you think is wrong with TrainerRoad just ahead of us making a massive product launch?
Wonder if he’s on the closed beta :joy:


To say they did this whole thing in response to the video is crazy but still very possible they pushed their timeline to be able to respond. This is a major change and there are lots of nice to have features they may have wanted to be more ready before release. This is a problem lots of software has where a release is mostly ready but still want some improvements before release so delay the release

IMO this post workout subjective input is a great addition. Cant remember if mentioned before but will you be able to tag/attached a RPE value to each workout (like in other apps, Garmin, Strava, TP, Intervals.icu etc?) and will subjective responses be visible to review in the calendar or work view level days, weeks, months later.

Also any thoughts on an option for pre workout subjective feedback, not for everyday or a something to be recorded by default, but for those potenial out of the blue off days, like pre workout, legs heavy, mentally not feel up for a hard session etc. Maybe prescribing an easier achievable workout.

Just thinking in some cases post workout survey is a bit reactive when in some circumstances a pre-active adjustment could be made on the day (not talking about trainnow). If the user goes ahead with the original session it would be interesting to see if they still nailed the session even though feeling a bit off their game and compareing the post workout survey. This could help spot those down stream issues when although you get through a session okay, there is an early indication that all is not well or even the opposite a case of HTFU (as subsequent sessions are successfully completed.

Keep up the great work, I appreciate this project could be never ending and is massive.


Buzzing for this, the more I read and learn about it, the more excited I get.

FTP is dead, long live the progress bars! :stuck_out_tongue:


Bring back the FTP, it’s the only worthwhile measurement. :+1:

This opinion isn’t influenced at all by the fact I just achieved a PB and now have to start again with progress bars. :-1:


That’s if tr starts to use zones that aren’t based on percentage of ftp. They haven’t really clarified that yet (see my earlier comment on that) seems to me like they are just keeping track of how well you do in each zone and not redefining the zone for each person

Please do this


I’m starting Human Intelligence Adaptive Training while we wait :smiley: - I just struggled with but finished Raymond 4x5 at 108%. I failed Redlake +4 last week, 5x6 at 108%. I have Elephants next week, 6x5 at 108%.

Should I go down in flames with Elephants see how far I get, repeat Raymond with the aim of finishing without struggling, or find a 5x5 at 108%?


:wink:You should get @mcneese.chad to paste the progression for said workouts, look at the level you are failing at then start the progression at a lower level :slight_smile:



The workout categories reflect the workout’s relationship to your progression levels at the time you completed the workout. However, I’m not sure how reliable the backfill of old workouts/ levels is right now for so long ago. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the ratings for historical workouts yet while we’re still in the beta period, but going forward it always reflects your fitness at the time.


This is definitely relevant to me. I can literally point to sections on my training history full of fails / shortened intervals / reduced intensity and have a pretty good idea of what my diet was at the time… especially for high intensity stuff which seems to go out the window first.

Just noticed from the video that there’s a survey option for it. Though obviously there can be more than one reason you fail a workout (and they seem to be asking for the primary reason).

Finished MV Plan last week. - 3kg, +15 watt.
Last week 15 Minutes faster than my best time on my Favorite track.
TR works for me, really happy to see an improved Program/ Plan at the end of the summer season!

Greets from Austria!


Thank you for the response!

On that same note, and yes I’m trying to ad-hoc AT prior to getting into the Beta. I check TrainNow daily before my planned workout and I’ve noticed that the recommendations are a bit more advanced than what my plan is showing. For example, it shows Spencer+3 instead of Mills for VO2 and Bays instead of Petit+1 for endurance. Am I being overconfident here or is this the AT working to rate the quality of my workouts thusfar?

Part 1: Progression levels and current week prior to Ramp Test (post way above).

Ramp Tests & More

  • 2 Weeks Ago

    • I got a 255w FTP from this test, but after a challenging Carpathian Peak +2, I lowered it back to the 251w that I had self-selected after my blood donation a couple of weeks earlier.
  • Last Night

    • I started with 251w FTP and got 257w FTP. That is a 2.4% increase from my adjusted one I used the prior 1.5 weeks.
    • Notably, I ended the test a bit “early” last night vs the last couple of times where I somehow pushed further than I had mentally done in the past. I think those extra pushes were a “mistake” in the sense that they gave me an FTP that was a tad high for my current capabilities beyond the test itself.
    • This latest test was more “normal” for me in terms of failure point, as well as fatigue after the test. My typical Carter follow-up was easier with a lower RPE & HR than the prior two tests and Carters. All that to say that this result feels more “right” to me than the prior test result.

Part 2: Progression levels and current week after Ramp Test.

  • Here is the page I get this morning, showing potential adaptations to my plan.

  • I chose to accept those recommendations and get the following Career page with Progression levels and my adapted week:

  • So, with the FTP increase, the Progression levels were dropped compared to the one linked above. This is likely part of the “easing in” process to keep new workouts from a higher FTP more manageable.

  • As far as the adjustments, those make sense to me and are far less scary than the default plan workouts. This is my final loading week in my SSB, so we will see how it goes as the 3rd loading week, before a recovery week after this one.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues I have not covered.


One question Chad - why you cheating on us and riding Zwift on Sunday :joy:


LOL, just an option…

Besides, with the weather headed into the high 50’sF here, if I cheat… it will probably be OUTSIDE :smiley:


Do you regularly perform ramp tests mid plan? If I’m interpreting correctly you’ve manually added a ramp test last night mid plan? Is this to help with AT or something you’ve always felt the need to do? I’m a sucker for sticking to what’s prescribed, only ever really changing is caused by sickness or injury. Really wondering how I’m going to cope with constant flux of AT.

This looks so cool. It’s prescribing you workouts that I’ve literally never seen before, and I find that pretty exciting. I always get motivated when I see a workout I’ve never done, so if my adaptations also share a similar outcome, that will be most welcome.


I bet you’re really sad not to have Leconte or Wright Peak -1 anymore in the first week after your ramp test, aren’t you? :wink: