Intervals with eyes closed or open

I was listening to the Consummate Athlete podcast the the trainer guy mentioned “eyes open” for intervals. He was listing off important things to focus on durring training.

I often close my eyes for vo2 max sets and count in my head to the beat of the music I am listening to.

I don’t know if anyone does something similar, but I wonder if I SHOULD keep my eyes open to learn to suffer WHILE looking ahead so that I can replicate the effort outside. I was just happy to have found a way to nail those sets.

Sorry for the caps, not sure how to do italics.

You’re always going to be looking where you’re going so look ahead while working. No reason to make it even more artificial than being on a trainer already is.

I say finish the interval however you can. Simulate the true bike experience by looking up if you can…but those are marginal gains.

Getting the work in is the important part. Hit your watts first. Hit everything else second.

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I’m more worried about breathing than anything else

First instinct is to just say “eyes open,” but really… whatever gets you through it.