Interval sounds almost impossible to hear

Newbie user few days into a training plan and really enjoying the workouts…
I’m using the android app for my workouts on a Samsung S7 phone and have music playing in the background. The problem is that the 3 little audible bleeps are so quiet that I sometimes miss my next interval unless i’m watching the screen. Any way of choosing a custom sound and increasing the volume and duration to be more audible over the wine of the turbo and music, or even a large 5,4,3,2,1 on screen would be great.
Also, I have not yet managed to get the ‘instruction text sounds’ to work at all.


This is a great question to send into, but I’ll give you my two cents:

On Android, I’m pretty sure the interval/text sounds are considered to be sounds that fall into the “alarm” category, so you should be able to make them louder by turning up your alarm volume (in Sound settings of your phone) as opposed to ringer or media volume.

Thanks…I did send the question to support on Sunday but thought i’d post here to hear from other users.
I have now managed to make beeps a bit louder by increasing the system volume (was adjusting media and ringer before)

Might still be nice to include some customisation in future updates, maybe…?
Custom sounds
Duration before interval end
Warning sound for too low \ too high power

Does anyone know how to increase the sound on an iPad?