Sound level too low in the app

Has anyone had this issue - beeps at the start/ end of intervals started to sound very low, iphone sound level set to max, music or other apps sound all right, just the trainer road beeps are very weak. Haven’t had that issue but started to get it last week. Haven’t changed anything in the setting.

Update - solved the issue. For some reason volume adjustment by buttons was disabled in iPhone settings, probably during update. Switched that on, all is working fine!


I’ve noticed too but I don’t mind so much.

For some reason, that sound seems to be linked to my RINGER volume, rather than my media volume. No idea why, but hoping for a fix soon because I like to keep my phone on silent.
(This is on a Samsung Note 10+ 5g)

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Wow. My (Android) phone always has the ringer on vibrate. I had no idea there were supposed to be beeps.

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Thanks, checked my settings, realized what was the issue - settings volume by buttons was disabled

took me a while too, to figure out the volume was based on ringer instead of media…

but it might also depend on how you use and setup your phone, mine is almost always on silent, therefore I changed the buttons to change media volume by default (not only when media is playing). That way I can lower the volume before it starts playing :slight_smile:
(as far as I know this is not even possible on all android phones).

So now I just increase ringer when I start a workout… but I would prefer it to be linked to media…

Thanks, nvalphen, that was exactly the case with my phone :wink: mine is at silent most of the time, so I switch vol on, when starting the session, and no issues whatsoever. But something went wrong this time, glad I fixed it with help from this forum!

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Another one here who never realised there was sound. Start of an interval yesterday took me totally by surprise, a noise would have been handy!


Glad I did something useful today :wink: there is an option actually in TR setting to enable warning sound for instructions as well, not only intervals start and finish. Though it will be not a full sentence pronounced but more like a ding. That would be fun to hear Chad’s voice in the middle of the session.