International racing - how does your license work?

For those outside of the USA, when you race, do you ONLY race in your country? If you race in another country, do you have to get an International License? For example: If someone from France wanted to race in Spain, would you need to get an international license? Or would your home cycling association (like USA Cycling here in the United States) be sufficient? Or could you get a license in the other country?

This question comes to mind as I listen to the latest (#3) USACommunique podcast. Canadians have to get an international license to race in the USA.


There are various UCI licenses. There is an international UCI license and if you want to compete outside of your national circuit, you need one. It’s slightly more expensive, but not by a whole lot. I’ve raced in Germany with an international license issued by Cycling Canada, and then raced the next year with an international license issued by the BDR. Same license type, just issued by whichever local authority associated with your residence.

Back in Canada, we had various racing licenses that could be limited to your province only. I’d imagine that US riders could also obtain racing licenses that were issued by their state cycling association or a national/international license issued by USAC.