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I’m likely an outlier in that I definitely tend to not eat enough in general. I’ve forgotten to eat dinner more than a few times and then realize at like 10pm I’m starving for a reason. It’s not that I’m crazy busy but just distracted with other things.

I’m doing Unbound 200 this year and part of my training for that is just fueling my training day to day.

Or they’ll absolutely hate life and rebound even harder, which has been observed regularly when one goes to far on demonising certain food types. Its just not as simple as “ban xyz”.


I don’t @pnzr - instant oats go down pretty easy - I really think that statements like these can be true for individual making the statement. Instant oats might not be as good as applesauce and syrups, but it has a lot of water in it and it’s not offensive to the stomach like say a spicy taco.

I think the guy writing in had GI issues after switching to tailwind, so his issue was gut tolerance to maybe that type of sugar PLUS going out harder and slowing down digestion overall.

Everyone is a little bit different. Heck Alex Wild can use Gatorade, so :man_shrugging:.

and due to the additional processing and the energy available sooner than rolled or steel cut oats.

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Does anyone recall what AI app Nate was talking about?



This is always the case - table sugar is 100% sucrose, which is just one glucose and one fructose molecule bonded together!


I’m talking about trading crappy good types for whole foods. People have gotten seriously off track if they hate life because they have to eat real foods as opposed to a constant stream of pizza, fast food, treats, sugar cereal, prepared foods, etc.

Maybe it’s no fun but if one is the type of person without control over those types of foods, then they need to change their food environment permanently.

That’s insane dude, I have insane hunger cues but still manage to under eat all the time. Your life must be really hard… I mean, I get up at 4:30 am and by 5:00 am I’m sitting down with a coffee and a 1,200+ calorie bowl of rice porridge (basically rice cooked in milk with some sugar, really tasty) topped w banana, apple, some cereal, and honey.

Also - Unbound 200 seems rad. I really want to do it at some point!

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I thought the question about table sugar was a different person, maybe I’m confused

I read an article yesterday that Howard Shultz is going all in globally with adding olive oil to coffees. Boom. There’s another 150 calories. But they’re “healthy calories”, right? :rofl:


I did hear (learn?) at Uni that cream in your coffee is the healthiest way to drink it as the fat content decreases the cortisol effect.

Not my thing though.

Ha! I definitely consider my life easy. But I have awful hunger cues. On the bike I have awful thirst cues. But these are issues I’m aware of and there are particularly complicated to manage. I’ve often told my wife I wish I could just take my food in pill form and be done with it. :rofl:

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I’m not saying I agree with the OP, but their comment was very specifically directed at the person in the podcast, not the entire profession. You read something that wasn’t there.

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I resent this idea people are posting in this thread that people who struggle with maintaining weight are only eating junk food. It’s very easy for many people to overeat “good food” that isn’t candy bars and pizzas, just like people on the podcast have trouble enough eating for their caloric needs. I wish they had discussed the perspective of riders who have no trouble over-fueling the work. Personally, I could down a 1000 calorie home-cooked “clean foods only” meal without batting an eye.

Just using a suggested breakfast from the podcast:
Plain bagel: 300 calories. 2 Tbsp natural peanut butter = 190 calories. Half a banana, sliced = 50 calories. 2 eggs + a tiny amount of butter = 150 calories. Total: 690-700 calories.

That’s almost half my BMR in one meal. Maybe it’s being female, or hormones, or not receiving satiety signals, but I generally eat “whole, unprocessed” foods and have to work very hard to not gain weight.



In your example I would use a scale and make some adjustments - I’d go with 1 Tb of PB or use PBFit (70cals), skip the eggs for egg whites or 1 egg and 3 egg whites, 1/2 Tb butter 50 cals. You can easily shave 100-150 calories from there.

Yes, he fed in a bunch of criteria into Chat GPT to output a meal plan. Thing is you have to be SPOT ON with the info you feed in to get a decent answer and even then sometimes the answers are quite wrong.

TLDR when using ChatGPT, always check the output. Don’t accept it as a given or else it will blow up the forum like table sugar, vs, maltodextrin vs. dextrose vs. [insert drink mix here]


What’s with all the hate on pizza? We make our own and I don’t see anything that’s junk about pizza. It’s a great pre-meal before a long hard workout. I assume when people say pizza they’re referring to delivery (ie: Dominos)?