Interesting Comparison between this weeks Vo2 & Threshold workout

I’ve been scheduled Washington + 3 (4.9) and Troll (5.1).

They’re effectively the same intensity except the vo2 workout’s intervals are two min shorter with a 30 sec recovery in between. The progression level is also higher.

No real comment. Just thought it was interesting.

Looks like from the screen shots that the VO2Max intervals are pushing beyond 106% FTP at 107%, whereas the threshold intervals are sating below that at 105%. I dont think its an exact science for everyone but 106% is generally the border between the Threshold and VO2max zones.

Troll is an interesting name, as an outside workout guy my only thought vis-a-vis Washington +3 is “only inside” for those with Erg :man_shrugging:

Troll’s +6W with a 30-sec mid-interval break and -110 seconds on the interval looks like a deload :joy: after Washington +3. Assuming it is scheduled after.

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The difference between the two was 6w. Threshold had 7 min intervals, and 5 of them. And the Vo2 was 2:30, 30 sec recover, 2:30, (total 5 min) with 5.5 min rest x 4.

Yeah, ignore the zone labels. In my own mind it’s “long-uns prolly a little Above Threshold (AT)” :wink: and those a great intervals if outside fighting gusty headwinds or on a climb.

Not a deload, I cut 2 min off the recovery and added 20w to the efforts.

A reload then :muscle: