Intensity scale only changes work intervals not recoveries (Feature Request)

I think it would be cool if the intensity percentage only impacted the work intervals or if there was an option in settings to let it only change work intervals.

During vo2 or sustained workouts if I turn it down I don’t really want to be constantly messing with the slider and could kind of set and forget


Hmmm. I’ll pass this along to the team, and I think Adaptive Training will help to address this in the future as well, but in the meantime if you want all your ‘work’ efforts to be lower but not your rest, I would recommend:
a) a fresh Ramp Test to re-assess your FTP and adjust your target power accordingly,
b) a workout variation or alternative thats not as difficult so you dont have to adjust every work effort, or
c) a quick copy in Workout Creator to highlite the intervals and drop them by your desired percentage!

I feel that defeats the purpose of dropping the intensity.

Not being able to hit the power targets isn’t the end of the world, but why make it more difficult by “nailing” the recovery valleys?

In many of the vo2 workouts it suggests lowering the intensity a couple percent so you don’t go out too hard and burn yourself out. this was the view I was taking on i

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Totally. And you just dont want the recovery intervals to be lowered as well is what you’re saying?

If so: dont worry about it! Active recovery is still just that, you aren’t missing out on any gains by ‘resting’ harder. :wink:

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