Intensity Change Display Suggestion

I was curious to know if some thought had been given to changing the target power display/graph from when the intensity is actually changed, going forward and not also what has been completed.

Today, to tack on some additional minutes I increased the Intensity, but it also changed the graph height on the intervals had been already completed.

So then with 5 minutes to go I set it back to 100% (to make it look “normal” again), but I was curious to know if some thought had been given to adjusting the graphs/display only for the remaining time not for what has already been completed.

Thanks, appreciate the feedback/consideration.

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When it uploaded though what was the graph like??

I reverted it back to 100% before ending the workout in fear that it would display incorrectly. If it actually uploads correctly then I guess there’s no issue and will let it be next time. Is that the case?

If I am remembering correctly it takes the screen from initial intensity.

You could just spend the extra time in resistance mode and try and hold the wattage. Of course you could be cooked (or reading text books) and not need the extra cognitive load that would bring, and rather sit in erg mode.

The uploaded image doesn’t show the intervals completed at the higher intensity. It will look as it should.

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That’s correct as in the yellow line is still the actual power. But now it appears as if I did the intervals at 50% because the blue bars went up.

They look that way during the ride but should look correct in the uploaded image

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Thanks, will give it a try next time around then.

Here’s an example. You see, I raised the intensity during the cooldown and while riding the blue showed 200% across all of those intervals, but when the image was created it looked like this.


I found the same this weekend (I’ve not added on much extra before). Trouble with changing intensity in the cool down is that if you want to sit mid-Z2 straight after the intervals, you’re constantly fighting against the decreasing intensity of the cool down. Next time I’ll change to resistance mode - it’s just annoying you have to navigate away from the workout on mobile to switch it on.

Here is an example of Taylor -2 where the rider increased intensity during the 2nd set of intervals. Increased intensity again during the 3rd set of intervals, then set intensity back to 100% for an extended cool down period.

You can see that the solid blue graph of the original workout remains true to the original prescribed workout after the data syncs to the rider’s TR career.

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My advice is to use that cool down like a recovery valley. It’s usually only 2-5 minutes. When it’s done and the wattage stabilizes, crank it up to whatever you want.

I indeed tried to modify the intensity today again, and not change it as suggested. I think there is some lack of knowledge on my part in the actual, power and target elements on the graph.

Maybe, the Yellow Power line is the user power output, the green actual power is actual target, and the blue graph is the original target?

In the middle and at the end of the ride I increased the intensity by a few % points and I would imagine the blue bars to also increase.

This is correct:

Yellow= Power reading from power meter
Green= Target Power with intensity adjustment
Bliue= Original Target Power


Thank you for clarifying, makes more sense now.

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I have a couple of suggestions about the same topic. 1. The selection button to increase and lower the intensity is very small and hard to get on top of - especially while riding VO2 max intervals or similar high intensity rides. Can this button be enlarged and moved so that it’s easy to access and less likely to miss aim? My second question/suggestion is if there’s a way to extend a workout by adding additional endurance zone riding? As it is now, I can extend the work out 1, 5 or 10 minutes but only when the workout is in a cooldown zone usually less than 100 watts (depending on one’s FTP). Chad mentioned adding an extra hour or two of endurance zone riding on a recent podcast by adding 15-20 minutes of Zone 2 work at the end of each workout. How can one do that with a downward sloped power level? I would love to have a button for adding 5 min segment of zone 2 work at the end of the last working interval.
Okay, as long as I’m wishing here, how about a way to extend any interval? For example, I’m in a 3 x 20 min SS workout. Feeling great during the middle of the 3rd working interval and feeling like there’s enough in the tank to do an additional 5 minutes at SS or heck, even another 20 minute SS interval. Just like I would do if I were outside on the bike and not on the trainer. Any thoughts on adding this functionality to TR? Thanks!

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