Installed Favero Assioma Pedals Without Washers


So I made the mistake of installing my new Favero Assioma pedals without washers. I tightened them with the supplied 8mm Allen key until secure, tightening them directly against the crank arms. According to the user manual, this “may” cause damage to the power meter workings. I realized my mistake as I was going back over the instruction manual about fifteen minutes later and quickly removed them and reinstalled them with washers in place. As I’m still getting my bike set up, I haven’t ridden the pedals yet to see if I damaged them. Just wondering if anyone else has done this and/or has any insight into whether I may have damaged the pedals, thanks!

You’re fine, don’t worry.

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Doubtful they are damaged, especially if you haven’t ridden them. What can happen is that the pedal body can bind against the crank arm and cause damage to either the pedal or the arm depending on the spacing, which is why most companies suggest using washers.


Oh, okay. I guess it makes sense they wouldn’t be damaged unless I ride them like that without washers. Thank you, needed a little reassurance. Would have been a costly goof!

I use mine without washers but I have probably close to a 2mm gap before the pedal even thinks about touching the crankarm. The pedal spindle has a bit of a shoulder that sits against the crankarm. I would agree that you are probably safe unless you unleashed your inner hulk when you tightened them :joy:

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I think it would be fine unless there is zero gap between crank-arm and sensor body. Instruction warns that “Pressing the sensor against the crank-arm when tightening the pedal may damage
it” depending on how depth of recessed seat on a crank-arm.

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:+1: Agree with the above. The washers are optional and only required for certain crank arm pedal combinations. I’ve run mine on both Dura-Ace 9000 and 9100 cranks without washers as there is sufficient room for them to move freely without binding.

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I find that to get the necessary clearance I have I have to use a washer on the left pedal but not the right - holds true for several bikes with different cranks. Close inspection of the pedals reveals a small difference in construction between left and right, but I don’t know if this is typical. Just thought I would mention it in case your pedals are the same.

Run mine without washers as well.
The installation manual mentions they are only needed if you cranks have a recessed seat and have less than 1mm of space between the body and crank-arm.

Make sure you apply a drop of grease on the threads though, so they don’t seize over time.

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you only need the washers if your crank has an inset that forces the pedal internals too close to the crank arm. I’m not using the washers on my ultegra because it has a flush interface. I used them on my older MOST cranks because it didn’t.

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just threaded a pair of duo’s onto my ultegra 6800 crank arms without a washer and there’s for sure a bit of a gap, which is good; not for sure if it’s at least 2mm though but it seems ok to not necessary the washers in my case.

I run without the washers on a Shimano RS510 crankset. There’s a decent amount of clearance between the electronics body and the crank. From what I’ve read its mostly carbon cranks that don’t have enough clearance and require the washer.

If you installed them and they smashed up against the crank arm, they’re either damaged or not damaged and there’s probably not much you can do either way. I would install the washer and ride with them. Most likely any damage would just be to the casing around the electronics. At worst I’d guess it would have some reduced water resistance, but likely no damage.