Inside Ride Kickr E-Flex Trainer Motion System

The only changes I think Inside Ride should make are:

  • Add some type of “guide” to make it easier to align the front and back components. Not a big deal, but would be a nice to have feature, especially if you are setting up / moving this frequently
  • Add a cross bar to the back of the front component. This is more of a “longevity” thing to ensure the front component stays square. Probably not a big deal if you have a dedicated trainer space, but more of an issue if you have to move / setup the trainer frequently

Overall I really like this system, but I would like to try they Saris NP1


Great points:

  • Alignment is an issue with even simple rear-only rocker plates when it comes to placing a simple wheel riser. This is the same and more complex, and the alignment is likely more critical. Not sure what to use other than lasers or strings, but I may try some when I get it (or resort trial & error via shifting parts around.

  • Cross bar makes sense to me as well. I have a pending test I plan to try that leads me to plan on adding one anyway. But long ‘C’ shapes without sufficient gussets at the joint do concern me a tad. Probably not an issue here, but I like closed shapes when practical.

I’ve found alignment isn’t a problem. I connect front and back, then stand in front of the bike, pick up the handlebar (lifting the front e-flex as well), rock it back and forth to line up with the rear, then let it center and set it back down. Seems to work well.

Still really liking it.


I’ve asked before. No answer then so let’s try again. Any news on this becoming available for the kikr core also?

:+1: same system I use for alignment of the unit. Works like a charm!

Nothing I have seen. Might be best to email Inside Ride directly, to get it straight, and help reinforce the interest in the option. Sure seems like it could be possible by removing the lateral legs, and using the remaining mounting surface and holes for the E-Flex. But I have not looked close enough at either to see if there are any catches to making that happen.

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Chiming in to say that I received my IR E-Flex in November and I’m still really enjoying. No regrets about the purchase at all! I’ve done some longer rides on the trainer during base phase recently (>2 hours) and have had no discomfort. This certainly wouldn’t have been the case in my days before I had the E-Flex.

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Yes, same here.

I have a dedicated training space but for various reasons it can still need a reset every now and then. I’ve actually considered cutting a piece of wood or something as a guide or squaring tool.


You guys could just cat up and ride rollers… [running and ducking]

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I will have to try that.

I spent a full indoor season on these:

My short trainer history:

  • Minoura Wind Trainer > Kinetic Road Machine > DIY Motion Rollers > CycleOps PowerBeam Pro (rigid, and soon made my first rocker plate since I loved the motion rollers so much, but still wanted smart control) > Hammer & Kickr17 & Neo (all on various rockers).

Rollers are great, but darned scary for some efforts and sprint work. I love them, but they are not perfect for all my training use. My first rocker was an attempt to get the freedom and fun of motion rollers, but gain some stability and all the benefits of modern smart trainers.

Basically trying to get the best of both worlds (rigid stability and smart functions + freedom and comfort like motion rollers) in a single device.

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Delivery is set for this Friday, so I should be able to get it setup for my Sat & Sun rides :smiley:


How was the first ride?

Pretty good. I made some loose notes on the ride to embellish later.

Great build quality and setup is pretty easy. Rocking motion is stiffer that I’m used to, especially when standing and getting more lean.
But seated is very good.

I already made s few mods to play with different settings on tomorrow’s ride. I disconnected the front fore-aft springs and just have the rear active. The centering was stiffer than my motion rollers and my test rocker with fore-aft. Now, with half the force, a quick spin felt better to me.

I also am playing with the steering springs. I have them nodded lighter too. Probably too loose for now, but I want to try less than stock.

All those are personal preference things from experience in my other rockers. As stock, I think the E-Flex is solid values for money. The small footprint and light package of it all is awesome compared to just about any rocker I’ve made.

Very happy with the purchase and will continue to experiment with stock and mod settings for the next series of rides.

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Just made a storage spot for the front, because I’m almost exclusively training outside now.

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So light and easy to move. Even the rear is small and easy to handle with the Kickr on it.

I love the low height that makes mounting easy too, without a need for a step. The small space also works well with my tight space.

There is an adjustment of the cords depending on which model of Kickr. The instructions mention it but not prominently.

The only adjustment covered is about the aluminum leaf spring that compensates for the Kickr flywheel. It has a Soft (slotted to reduce material and strength) or Firm setting (full material width) and is associated with the model.

There is no adjustment or mention of altering cords that I can see mentioned anywhere.

Inside Ride E-Flex Motion Setup Info

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That’s what I was thinking of. Going from memory I wasn’t precise.

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That was the one part of the setup I didn’t understand. I didn’t see anywhere I could adjust the leaf spring to soft/firm setting. So just left it as it came out of the box. If I could, I’d adjust mine so there’s a bit more movement side to side.