InPeak Powercrank

I’m based in Europe and looking for a powermeter for a Caad12. I was going to hold out for the Favero Assioma SPD-SL but I starting to lose patience. I’ve moved most of my workouts outdoors, so need an immediate solution. I’m not prepared to change pedals either (just to be awkward :sweat_smile:).

The spider on the Caad is one piece so pushes the price up on a P2Max - I’d need to get chainrings. Stages and 4iii seem to be impossible to get for Hollowgram Si atm. Which basically leaves FSA Powerbox or InPeak. My L/R balance is pretty much bang on so figured I’d go for the lighter, cheaper option.

Has anyone any direct experience with InPeak Powercrank. I’m looking at the custom fitting. I’ve seen @GPLama’s post firmware review (which looks excellent) but I’d like some feedback from a consumer if possible.

Very good powermeter, always head to head with my left Assioma pedal.

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Thanks @tadzikpl, that’s reassuring to hear :+1:.

Just out of interest… Why am I not a consumer?

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Apologies Shane, that was not meant as a slight in any way :rofl:. I wouldn’t even be considering buying one without your review in the first place :+1:.

I assumed that you review the products and send them back. Thought I’d get opinions of cyclists living with the powermeter for longer periods - how does it hold up after a year or more?

Also, I wonder is there any difference in performance between buying a fitted InPeak and a custom InPeak. I know there shouldn’t be, but I think Avio had issues with that.

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It’s still in rotation here across a few bikes. It’s currently on the loaner gravel bike my wife is riding and it’s still cranking out quality numbers with no issue.

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That’s great to hear, hadn’t realised you’d hung on to it. Was mostly just looking for reassurance I guess, seeing as I wasn’t buying one of the more ‘established’ brands. Paranoia had been creeping in - I’ve may have spent too much time lurking on the IQ2 powermeter thread :joy:.

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