Inner thigh burn but only outdoors?

So I dusted off the bike a few months ago and went on a few rides. Every ride starts the same: inner thighs start burning within minutes, then if I work through the pain it gets better, but still present for the whole ride and rest of the day afterwards. And I’m dreadfully slow. So I got myself a smart trainer and TR. Same feeling on the ramp test, but since then I’ve done 7.5 hours of riding over 12 days on the trainer on the sweet spot base and sure, my legs get tired after a while, but feel great and no burn.

So this evening I figured: why not see if there’s any short-term improvement? So I hopped on and set off for a short road ride. Inner thighs started burning again right away… even though I was careful to match the cadence I’d been using indoors.

What could possibly be causing the difference? Is there something I should change about the trainer setup to strengthen these better?

Inner tight muscles are responsible for stability on the bike. I had the same with my first rides. They will become stronger very fast. In my case also reducing q-factor improved the situation - but this is very personal thing.

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