Endorsement: bibs for those who have perineal issues

If you struggle with perineal constriction/numbness on the trainer like I do - you might want to try POC bibs with the VPD chamois.

I have a pair that I hardly ever wore anymore because I didn’t like their fit around my thighs (I’ve lost a lot of weight since buying them) but I kept them around for indoor training.

Turns out, after 3-4 times using them I noticed that I never had any sort of numbness. I thought it might be a difference in workout intensity, so I wore them for a recent 3 hour indoor endurance ride, and never once did I get any sort of numbness.

I don’t know if the channel is different, or the chamois firmness is different…but I thought I’d post this here as I know many of you have this same issue.

Good luck🤘