Indoor Gear: Bodge or Hack?

I’ll own up to bodge, here.

Six year old pair of shoes, now on indoor-only duty.

Separating soles and uppers fixed – several times – with silicone caulk.

Your hacks and bodges --let’s see 'em!


I built a trainer device/bottle/towel stand with a couple chunks of scrap plastic laminate contertop and some scrap PVC. What do you think?


definite hack!

Definite bodge in my view - but kudos for the ingenious effort :joy::joy:

Hack - no question. Not pretty but does the job without any fuss :+1:t2::+1:t2:

I’m currently wearing kneepads indoors… as an MTBer they’re a standard part of my outdoor kit, but in this case I’m wearing them because my right knee has a weakness that I’m addressing with kino tape, and the kneepad helps keep it stuck on! And I’d feel ridiculous wearing one, so I have the other on too.


Deliberate decision to have different bar tape on each side, or you got halfway through the job and decided to go have a beer instead?


Well looking at the bike seems as though it would be on purpose to match the highlight colors of the frame.

Haha. A little bit of both actually. I had two bikes in pieces and realized the bar tape would match the frame scheme. I don’t like it as much as I thought I would but I don’t feel like redoing it!!


I call this the the “git r’ done” method. Keep going till you can fix no more!!

Not so much as a hack/bodge - more of an IT graveyard :grin:


It’s a thing of beauty

that’s pure “hadge” goodness

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Lets see your simple hacks that makes your life easier.

Here is mine. I have been looking for a bike rack but they are usually not fit for purpose or very expensive. I ended up buying keyboard stand for $15 and turned it into a bike rack for two bikes :slight_smile:

You can also use this as a stand for your Ipad, bootles, nutrition during your workouts


You can do the same with an ironing board :wink:

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It costs more :)))))))))))))

Definite hack :+1: :+1:

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