Indian girl rides 700 miles with her injured father on the back of the bike. = Legend


a century a day… on a fixie, with belonging and another person (200 pounds between dad and bag?)

It is hardcore. No matter how you slice it.

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I don’t know where to begin with this story. I agree with a lot of the comments about whether this new-found fame will tackle any of the issues that led to her needing to do this in the first place. I am so grateful I ride those kinds of distances out of choice rather than necessity. If I feel hungry, I can swing into a cafe and use money to buy enough to keep me going. Jyoti had to do this to save her father’s life. So much emotion.

I don’t mean to feel down about such an otherwise great story of course! She’s incredible and I hope she and her family are getting the help they need.


Lachlan who? :man_shrugging:

Yeah…this year I’m conditioning myself to stop idolizing the app-fueled feats of professional athletes who have trained for most of their lives (with a hefty support network) in favour of truly heroic feats of much “lesser” individuals – the Masters-aged man who rides the equivalent of 35 Everests in a single year, or the amateur who Everests on the actual Mount Everest, or Jyoti…who did it so her family wouldn’t starve to death. Seek out the real Legends.

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At least she might have a chance now. She was invited to the country development program for cycling. She can try for a spot there. Without this she wouldn’t even had that.

Her story is heartbreaking and shouldn’t be like that…

It’s also yet another reminder about how powerful a tool the bicycle is. In Africa it literally saves women from being raped and/or murdered. It can be the difference in getting an education or not. It helps families rise out of abject poverty.

Don’t take your bike for granted!

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Not really sure why it is necessary to denigrate one person’s accomplishments in order to lift another’s. I’ll continue to hold Lachlan and certain other pro athletes as role models, while being in awe of what Jyoti accomplished and endured.


Our noblest invention.

Wow, what a story. What a girl.

I hope the fame benefits her.