Bike Rides Like Childbirth

Okay I’m a dude, but do you know how women say that they get amnesia after child birth pain and decide to have another kid? I think I can sort of relate…sort of.

Here’s the scenario…I’m how do I say it politely…oh yeah fat … and middle aged(48). For some reason I decide every year it’s a wonderfully great idea to do the Whistler Gran Fondo. It’s 122 km (75 miles) and Elevation: 1900m / 6200 ft. It’s the mountain climbing that kills you!

To put in perspective I’m 48, 230 lb (all Ice Cream baby). Watts/kg in the low 2s. Every year I think “hey I have a great idea…I’ll sign up for the Fondo again”. Sure I bike a fair amount each year between 3500-5000 km, but let’s face it I’m not exactly slender unless I’m hanging with sumo wrestlers.

It’s a ride with ~4,000 riders. As I was going around the final corner 2 years ago, I hear the announcer say “here’s our final 10 riders” after 7+ hrs in the saddle. Grant it was pouring rain and bloody freezing and there were many DNF. Oh and I broke my collar bone and 3 ribs and only trained 8 weeks.

And I suffered…and suffered.

And for some sick reason … even though I suck…I still really love cycling.

I was just thinking “hey I should sign up for the Fondo again”.

Do I qualify as mentally ill?


I can’t remember anything from mike 14 where I last saw my family to my 24 where i decided to pick up the pace to get home quicker on my ironman run. I think he mind tries to block out severe stupidity sometimes

Sounds like classic type 2 fun. Have at it!

I do the same thing with the Downieville’s self-proclaimed “All Mountain World Championship”. It always hurts, and I always say “never again”…

But then every year I say, “ah lets give it another shot” :joy:.

Lol. Sooooo true

In 2016 I ruptured my achilles and trained like crazy to ride the WGF (Whistler Gran Fondo) as soon as my boot was off.

2017 I fell down the stairs and threw my back out and then promptly got shingles. But I still rode it again… it was friggen cold ( remember the emergency blankets they gave out!?).

2018 I rode it in the cold rain, again…with a chest infection…in case it wasn’t hard enough already.

2019…of course I’m signed up!!
(I keep going back because of the rest stop that has the bacon strips)

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Yep 2017 I wore a warm jacket and was thinking “I am an idiot for wearing this thing I’m going to cook”. Then I saw the blue faces and emergency blankets and people getting into vehicle quitting at the last aid station in the mountains and thought “I’m a genius for wearing this thing!”.

FYI…Its a Gore wind stopper…that sh#t is made with unicorns or something. Amazing, seldom too hot or cold! Mine is a bit torn up from when I shoved my collar bone and ribs through it (only slight exaggeration),…lol

Oh yeah and remember going down hill in the rain going 65 km/hr after breaking my collar bone thinking “please don’t crash…please don’t crash”

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What was your shingles experience like? My wife was just diagnosed.

Go for it :slight_smile:

The proof that men never learn…Love it!!

Replace some of the ice cream and by sorbet and try to see if it makes a difference. :smiley:

I think you’d probably get literally crucified, like on a cross, if you tell a mom “Bike Rides are Like Childbirth” but I LOVE the post :grinning: Go for it!!!

I’ve had shingles I think 4 times now and there are a lot of variables that determine how bad it is. If it’s caught early you can get get anti-virals that really tone it down, but otherwise it can be pretty painful. For me it’s hurt more the older I get, which I think is fairly common? I managed to do a half marathon last time I had it but I wouldn’t recommend that!

I feel like I am very qualified to answer this. I have heard the same kind of quote about marathons or ultras. I have done both (and also some long & hard bike rides) and I am a mom of four, three of whom were born at home (no pain meds) one with over 24 hours of labor. I know this quote was more tongue in cheek (at least I assume so). Here is my take: with childbirth (especially at home) you cannot bail out. You have to finish. Which sort of makes it less of an achievement than a bike race where you could bail out and DNF at any time but you don’t. OTOH, childbirth is much more painful - just in case you were wondering. :slight_smile:


Very painful. I got it on my back and then it progressed around my side and onto my chest and stomach. And I felt completely drained. Doc was very strict that I did nothing stressful…both in terms of exercise or work related.

F yea brother! That’s why we do this crap! To suffer! And no, you are not mentally ill!

I totally know what you mean. I’m a 5 x starter of the now-defunct trans Iowa bike race (2 finishes). Every time I felt comfortable with “never again” but signup time would come along and…“hey, I should sign up for the TI again”

But those monster epics are the best memories. I say keep doing insane events!

There you have it guys…epic biking is more of an achievement than child birth as confirmed by sonjap… :rofl: … now I’m going to hide for my personal safety :sunglasses:

Note: I said “sort of”… :wink: AND child birth is more painful (can only speak from no-meds experience though).

Lol…just having fun with you :laughing: