Increasing peak (15 second) power

Any advice on how to increase average power for 15 second intervals? Is it strength work at the gym? Squats?I would be trying to achieve it with cadence on the low side. Thank you.

What are you goals with having massive 15s power? Do you need repeatability or just one big effort? How have you identified that this is a weakness compared to your other power numbers?

Typically gym/squat work wouldn’t give you gains in this area unless you are somehow deficient and/or unbalanced in a certain muscle groups. Even then, it doesn’t directly translate to the bike. I’d target Short Power Build to develop and increase this anaerobic/neuromuscular power profile.

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Simple, there is a segment on my typical mtb trail that I want to PR. It starts with a sharp turn on foot of steep climb so I can’t carry momentum into the climb. After about 15 seconds in flattens a bit but is still steep for another 15 seconds. To PR the entire 30 second segment I need to avoid changing gears and losing power for a second or so. You may ask what’s so special about this segment. For me this segment is a great training practice element for practicing attacks on the climb. So to make the initial 15 second climb on higher gear I will need to max out my 15 power output. Repeatability is not a priority at the moment but perhaps that will come from the Short Power Build which coincidentally is what I will be starting in mid-March. I will be completing Base this week and will take a week off to do LASIK eye surgery and recover first…but I digress…

Thank you for your response.

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Sounds like you’re right on track to raise your 15 sec power. I’d also try increasing the intensity of the sprints in workouts that have a few of them sprinkled in (Collins +1, Pettit +1). Really make sure those couple few sprints are all out max efforts.

In my workouts like Bays during GBMV I increase those sprints by 10-15%. I just raise the intensity 15-20 seconds before the sprint in ERG, then lower it back down for the remainder of the workout.