Increasing cadence, decreasing power

Potentially a stupid question from a new Trainerroad and turbo user so apologies in advance.

I’ve just finished Tunnabora and part of the main efforts ask you to reduce wattage whilst increasing cadence. Other than changing gear, I could not work out how to do this, am I missing something obvious? The problem with changing gear was that just one gear change moved me from 80-85 rpm to 95-100 even for less power, so I couldn’t keep doing that 5 times as the target keeps dropping without needing to hit silly numbers.

I’m using an Elite Direto and Powertap P1s if that helps.

Help welcome!

If you use ERG mode on the trainer, you should be able to use just one gear (no need of changes), and the trainer will adjust the brake for according to the needed watts. And you can change your cadence as desired.

Some reference info, if as I am guessing, you are new to ERG mode training.

Thanks Chad and @janneseppala, really appreciated! Not sure I’d have figured that out by myself.