Incorrect speed, distance and watts uploaded to Strava

I did a planned 2 hour ride on the trainer today but had to cut it short to 1 hour due to a time constraint popping up. At about 57mins i paused the workout and fast forwarded to the cooldown. For some reason the upload to Strava is showing as 1.51 miles and 1.4mph. It should be about 17 miles. The average power is also showing as 112w which is probablyy about 30w below what it should be.

Looking at my strava data it shows TR logging 0mph for the first 6 minutes or so then goes up to 17mph. Then at about the 10min mark the speed begins to drop from 17mph down to 0mph and remains there.

Looks like a bug with the Virtual Speed and Distance Setting in the Strava Ride Sync section.

Hey @oldcyclist65!

I saw that you spoke with Kent, in Support. Just in case anyone else is running into the issue, I am going to share his insights here.

This is an issue we are aware of and currently investigating. This can occur if your devices dropout or if your speed drops to zero. This can prevent the rest of your speed data from syncing over to Strava.

With that said, this issue shouldn’t happen as long as your speed data doesn’t go to zero while the workout is running. If you need to get off the bike, you’ll want to pause the workout.

We can also take steps to prevent dropouts. Check out this article here: Device Dropouts.

One of our agents was able to fix the issue by trying the following:

  • Head to the Ride Sync page on the TrainerRoad website.

  • In the Strava box, hit Settings. See the screenshot below.

  • Toggle the Share Speed and Distance to off (grey).

  • Hit the save button after, and then five minutes later, go back in and turn it back on, ensuring that you hit save afterward again.

If anyone has any questions about this, please let me know!

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Does this mean we should no longer do the “backpedal” as recommended by TR when we need a break during difficult workouts?

Its still recommended in all the TR tips.


When you backpedal, your power will report as 0 watts and thus your speed will report as 0 mph. In normal circumstances, the ride will auto-pause without issue (if you have this enabled in app settings).

To workaround this specific bug, we are trying not to let the speed drop to 0 mph at any point so that we can avoid triggering the issue while the developers work on a fix.

I suggest that you manually pause the Workout before you backpedal, so that you avoid recording 0 mph. This will allow you to continue to backpedal while the issue is being worked on.