In-Ride Instructions


I don’t have much experience with TrainerRoad and I have some questions related to the In-Ride Instructions.
Is there a way to view the full In-Ride Instructions of a workout before or after performing the workout?
Or, during the workout, can I go back to an instruction if I missed it?


Not readily available.

I think you can see them via the Workout Creator tool, but I haven’t done it to know for sure.

@CSM and @mcneese.chad Yes they are available using the workout creator. In the program click on the workout and then Click on the segment you want to see the instructions for and then click on “edit text” and it will show the start time of the directions, the text to display, and the duration of how long the text will be displayed. An unwieldy way to see them but they are available that way.

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Thank you very much for the tip guys. It worked!

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Hey everyone,
a feature request on my end for the Ramp Teat in-ride instructions - given that this is a workout we all get to repeat on regular basis it would be nice if the in-ride instructions can change from time to time. I’ve done the Ramp Test maybe 10 times now and in the beginning I found the instructions quite funny but with time the jokes are starting to get a bit old. One can beat coach Chad only this many times and social media already knows I’m a complete failure. :grinning:

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