Where do you sit on your saddle?

I feel like I’m just all over the place. I know, I know. Go get fitted. Let’s pretend that isn’t an option at the moment. I’ve been moving my saddle around, switching saddles in and out, and I just never feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. This is on a standard road bike. I’m not going for a super aggressive position.

If you’re on a traditional saddle, where is the pressure for you? Is your rump back against the part of the saddle that flares out? Is there pressure into that flattened part?

worth a look …


I had the same, went to a fitter, got told to go work on my core. Followed the programme and found myself happy being stable.

To answer the question though, where I sit depends on my position on the bike and what I am doing.

Cruising on the hoods, I sit back on widest part. If bring pace up on hoods, I slide a tiny bit forward especially if tired or putting out sustained power.

On hoods with elbows lowered, is further forward. Same when am in the drops, and lower I get the more forward I move.

I have an original Ronin though so loads of scope to move about.

If I had less bar drop or a shorter stem, then I could probably sit in one position and use something like a Power.

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Note: The following information pertains to a typical road, gravel or mountain bike setup. Saddle design and positioning on TT and Tri bikes does vary from this advice.

Generally speaking, you should have your sit bones over part of the widest section on the saddle, usually called the ‘wings’.

You are properly positioned if you are “shadowing” the saddle with your booty about flush with the back of the saddle. People may be a bit more rearward or forward of that depending on their handle bar position, personal preference and such.

But it is usually not ideal if there is a large open space at the rear of the saddle. For some reason, it seems fairly common in the pro ranks and I simply don’t understand it.


Indeed, at the very least they are playing with mechanical prostatitis or worse. Loading up the perineum is not a healthy long term strategy. If they prefer forward on the TT bike why not move the saddle then?

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UCI rules


Yep 5cm setback limit. You live and learn. Sock length setback saddle angle and arm angle and extensions. UCI really keeping the world safe for us all. I used to love the funny bikes.

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Informative video, remarkably dry delivery. I expected him to say “I am not a robot” without blinking or smiling.

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Although I am skinny at 1m84 and 70-71kg, I have wide set sit bones, so I park my arse all the way back on the widest part of my Regal.