Improve/increase FTP advice

Thanks Brendan …

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This ftp increase is bonkers! :smiley:

I know there have been feature requests already and there is an example of a graph that should be part of the TR profile @Bryce @Nate_Pearson:

While not on the immediate roadmap, we do have plans to create a FTP tracking tool that will take watts/kg into account and give you the full view of your training and how it is progressing over the course of the season :boom:


i will soon complete Sustained power build HV 1&2, should i redo it being 1 of my main objectives this year to accomplish high ftp?

Generally speaking, TR does not recommend repeating Build phases. They are considered very demanding and doing them back to back is quite a challenge.

If you don’t want to go on to a Specialty phase, the default recommendation is to return to Base. You can start at level 1 if you have lots of time, or level 2 if you have less time.

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could you also add duration next to each training plan? because SSB 1 &2 HV is 12 weeks and SSPB 1&2 HV 8 weeks, this way we can get also an idea for ftp increase according to the time spent.

The TR training plan is listed directly on the chart. There is also a timeline on the bottom.

yes, but we can only approximate what the gains are in term of watts in the graphic , don’t you have a fact sheet point on :D, ex +15,+25.-5,+40 watts and training plan per 4-6-8-12 weeks, then we can calculate watts/week training, or maybe you can try make another graph :sweat_smile: ?! (or you can add the gains in terms of watts on left side and number of weeks on bottom) of course gains and trainings will vary accordingly for others based on there specialty and goals.