Impact of non-power outside rides on AI FTP calcs

I do a couple of outdoor MTB rides each week. I don’t ride with power, but do ride with HR. Does AI FTP account for my fitness increases as a result of these rides?

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Nope not yet. In a future update it may.


Now that I’ve increased outdoor time, am ftp test is in my future in that case

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Apologies, according to the most recent podcast I am wrong. AIFTP does take this into account. It just doesn’t progress your training levels.

Related article, with notable need to have:

What AI FTP Detection Needs to Detect Your FTP

In order for AI FTP Detection to have enough data to accurately detect your FTP, you need a minimum of 10 completed TrainerRoad indoor workouts. If you haven’t completed enough workouts, don’t stress—you’ll see how many more you need when you click the button to use the feature. Once you’ve completed these 10 workouts, AI FTP Detection will analyze and incorporate all indoor and outdoor rides with power data, whether or not they’re TrainerRoad workouts.

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What I’m gathering is that my non-power outdoor rides are not accurately accounted for with AI. Thanks all. Got a power meter for the MTB coming!