If 'Watts are Watts' why is it significantly easier to train in a lower gear?

I’m finding during training my HR is 10bpm or more lower at the same cadence and same wattage if I am in the inner ring than if I switch to the big ring or further down the cassette. Why would this be? Surely watts at a certain cadence should feel the same regardless of gearing in erg mode?
I am aware of ‘speed’ issues between gearing when imported into strava, this doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but the quality of my training does. Am I cheating myself/getting less benefit from using a lower gear ratio? I mean 10bpm is pretty darn significant and during SS its very much the difference from being right where I feel I should be for repeatable efforts and being at or beyond threshold where my legs are burning up and my HR is climbing to infinity and beyond!

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