Panic mode - Race wheel set bearing replacement just before big event

Desperately need some advice. My A race is on Saturday (560km ultra endurance one day). I was using my race wheel set with carbon-ti hubs during last month training preparations. They are pretty new with just 1000km on them. Last Saturday during a ride a knocking/grinding sound was coming from front wheel and finally narrowed it down to bearings problem.
My mechanic managed to quickly swap out new bearings set and wheel looks good.
I do have my other training wheel set with DT Swiss 240 hubs and they have been bomb proof with over 8000km.

I would still like to use my new wheels but worried I don’t have time to ride and make sure the bearing replacement is ok.

Given the length of the race, I’m in doubt. Should I be using known training wheel set or fixed one? Any thoughts?

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No concern. If there is buckling due to improper install (i.e., a bearing is cocked maybe? unlikely…), you would definitely know by now. Go for a quick ride, feel it out, inspect, and forget about is my 2c.
Just replaced my wheel bearings yesterday :slight_smile:

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I just had mine replaced on my wheels yesterday also

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@gplama posted a video last month about replacing wheel bearings. Seems straight forward to me. Agree with a quick test ride then don’t worry about it!

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Use whatever gives you peace of mind. No one can give you the answer other than yourself.

Bearing replacements are like farts.
They are either in or out. No middle ground.