Hunt freehub bearings

Hi folks, anyone here ever stripped a hunt freehub to get to the bearings? There seems to be a thick gasket that I can’t get out that’s stopping me from getting to the bearings. The bearings are super gritty and I’ll have to replace the freehub if i can’t get at them. There’s every chance I’m missing something obvious - I’m not an experienced mechanic!

Any help appreciated

It looks like a sealed cartridge bearing. You need to replace it. In theory you could praise off the gasket but it’s not designed that way. Replacements aren’t too expensive but you will need the correct tools to replace - might be cheaper to take it to your local bike shop.

Edited to add: I’ve just seen the price of a replacement freehub. Probably cheaper to buy that.

Thanks for the feedback, yes i concluded the same. Ive soaked it in wd40 and it’s a bit better for now. I don’t think it’s designed to be serviceable. New freehub from hunt is only £30 so I’ll pick once up soon. Bit annoying as a relatively new set of wheels. Cheers

There are a few reports on here of Hunt customer service being particularly helpful. Perhaps a quick email to them prior to ordering, explaining your disappointment with the longevity, might reap rewards?

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Where did you get this bearing from in the first place?

Something I’ve done is reaching out to the customer service or technical support team of the place I get my stuff from and it’s worked wonders for me.

+1 on their customer service. I had a similar problem and they sent out a replacement for free along with an endcap I had managed to break. Great experience with them.

There was alot of talk on Uk forums about them having issues with rain\water ingress and the hubs failing - Not sure how wide spread it is.
Probably worth changing ti to be on the safe side.

I had one failing after about a year I think, but I didn’t know this was a widespread problem. The outer hub bearing just completely seized. It didn’t look like I would be able to change the bearings, and as they’re not that expensive, I bought a new hub. But yes, I wish they were lasting bit longer!

I got my wheels fairly cheap off ebay so didn’t bother with customer services. It’s not got markedly worse in the mean time having put quite a lot of miles on then so I’ll probably wait until spring and grab a new free hub. Not really a biggie