I’ve got 99 problems and my knee is definitely one

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

A few (3)weeks ago I crashed my mountain bike into a tree. My knee cap made a direct hit on my fork crown; it was rather painful, but after a few minutes I continued the ride. There was a bit of swelling over my entire knee, light bruising and a small cut to my knee.

Even now, After 1.5hrs of cycling, turbo training or on the open road my knee starts to twinge and get quite uncomfortable. My knee cap seems to swell up; most notable the next morning. The swelling is very localised to just the knee cap; which seems very raised, and positioned fractionally higher up leg. Day-to-day I don’t notice anything, it’s literally after working out.

I’ve been to the doctor, and got a basic response; exercise until it hurts and then stop. I’m awaiting a referral to a specialist, in the meantime;

Any similar experiences? Recovery advice? Or idea what’s going on?

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Best to check out Jonathan’s post on knee issues.


Wow, thanks for the link :+1: