I think Red Light/Yellow Light Hates Running

I just finished my 3rd week of build 1 on the LV 70.3 plan. After every single Saturday bike, it has altered my Sunday run to a recovery run. None of the bike workouts have wrecked me with hard being the most severe rating (although it doesn’t wait on my rating to change the plan). Just a little concerned that my longest run has been 55 minutes (and only once). It would seem that Rl/YL would also edit bike days after hard runs, but I haven’t experienced that as of yet. Anyone else seeing similar stuff? I’m thinking I should being moving long runs to Saturday moving forward.

Maybe you’re smarter than a computer?



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I’m saying it with sincerity. You should not rely on a computer to tell you how you feel.


Alternatively you could change the training approach setting to make it more aggressive, which should give you fewer yellow/red days: https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/23833097553435-How-to-Adjust-Adaptive-Training-s-Training-Approach

Or you could simply ignore the adaptation and do the run as originally scheduled if you feel you can do it and still recover well.

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Ah…sorry. I automatically gravitate towards thrown shade. Apologies again!

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I edged the slider up yesterday. I like the feature. And I’m tired today after the hard bike yesterday. Would just love to see it account a little heavier for the running aspect. I ran hard on Wednesday (and that was after a VO2 bike on Tuesday) but there was no change to Thursday’s threshold bike.

Were those all scheduled workout in the plan? If they were scheduled, assuming you completed them with reasonable adherence, it really shouldn’t be adjusting them?

If the run was unscheduled, did you manually add TSS to it? I’ve played a bit with runs in mine and I’m not sure that you’ll ever get a RLYL as the result of a run. Given that TR doesn’t have a run threshold or a way to calculate TSS for a run, I’m not sure it can actually apply RLGL to them.

As best I can tell RLGL really just looks at the TSS of a ride and compares that to your current CTL and makes a decision for the following day.

I crashed in a gravel race, broke my wrist and had a plate and screws put in. returned to running and trainer rides at day 12. was also supplementing the (very short 2-3 mile runs, 3x/week) with 4-5 mile walks. I wanted to keep track of walking mileage, so I wore my garmin for both walks and runs. the garmin doesn’t have walk mode, so I used run mode, and it logged it as such on the TR calendar. It obviously did not look at pace for the walks (~17-18 min/mile), just overall time/volume. I got a full week of yellow lights and a red/take a day off for sunday’s 2 hour endurance ride. obviously I wasn’t over doing things so I skipped the suggestions and rode. the following week I tracked my walks but deleted them from the garmin so they wouldn’t upload. then on the calendar I put “other workout”, “walk 4 miles” but put the time as 1 second. so AI isn’t looking at intensity for RLGL (I even tried putting a 1 for intensity/TSS estimate for all the walks, but the week stayed yellow). so RLGL seems to work well as long as you are only doing bike workouts; any additional training you need to use common sense and perceived exertion vs trusting AI

They were all scheduled. And I’m a fairly strong cyclist, so they weren’t crazy difficult. Had I rated them as very hard or all out, I totally get it. It just seems like the system is defaulting to changing long runs the day after hard bikes (regardless of completion difficulty). If that’s the case, then why not schedule an aerobic ride they day before to preserve the run volume?

Agree. Hope you’re healing well!

thanks! it’s getting there

I do use a stryd and find that I get pretty close to the suggested run tss (usually). I don’t always input the exact number though (especially if it’s in line with what was planned). I don’t think TR is really factoring the run metrics into the equation just yet. Nate says they are working on it.

I completely ignore that feature. If I feel good, I’m good. If I feel tired, then I’m tired. The algorithm is just a random number generator for me.

I was just about to create a post saying exactly the same thing its not fit for purpose for multi sport athletes