I reckon TR and Adaptive Training are the DBs

I have used TR on and off for a few years but I have decided to use it consistently to train for LEL. Back in January, I did a 100 miles which was pretty poor by my standards but then I started the HV Gran Fondo plan. Yesterday, after 8 weeks on the plan, I did a 125 mile audax with 2,800 metres of climbing taking 8 hours and I produced some of the best power stats for that duration I have ever done with an IF of 80%! I must admit to being nervous prior to the event as I had only been using the turbo, with a few short local recreational rides thrown in, and I was wondering if I might struggle. I know Chad and Jon keep on saying you don’t need to do long rides but I wasn’t so sure. I am now a total convert, I felt reasonably strong throughout the ride and I was paying more attention to my nutrition as well, which I am sure helped. I have 2/3/4/600 km rides lined up and I’m going to put my faith in the plan. Thanks TR :slight_smile: