I need more torque!

I need some help to determine how to increase my torque.

Some background info.
I can complete workouts fine when I’m spinning 95+ rpm. But when I slow my spin to a climbing grind of 75 to 85 rpm I notice that it gets quite hard for me. So hard that I jeopardize next days workout that the quality will suffer or I’m unable to complete them.

When I ride outside with a group (and I’m one of the fitter riders) I struggle when I run out of gears and I’m forced to grind…

So what should I do? Do more intervals in the 75 to 85 rpm range? With the risk of negatively impact my next workouts. Or should I do sprint workouts to increase torque that way?

Help is appreciated!

One option is to get more gearing on your bike. That would be an instant gain.

I’m sure strength training and/or low cadence drills can help - but will take time.

Out on the road lower gearing will reduce the amount of times you’re caught out and have to grind.

A cadence of 75-85 rpm is always going to be difficult, it’s more muscular than it is aerobic.