I’m so Excited!

I am so excited about this tool, I can’t remember the last time I got this excited about a tool honestly.

Can anyone tell my why I’m so excited???


You’ve had your bike for 2-5 years so now you can do the recommended cleaning of your cassette?


Dave Rome is that you?

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Good guesses, but nope all wrong.

Cassette change associated with more gears (11 to 12) or a better gear range (new bailout gears)?

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No sir!

You can take a cassette off without having to wad a shop rag around it to keep the teeth from slicing up your hands.

New trainer. Direct drive?

Getting closer but nope!

No sir!

“Sticks and stones can break my bones but whips and chains…”

Hey what do you mean this is a family forum?

new freehub day ?


I’ve actually owned this tool for 5-years and remove my cassette monthly (for cleaning).

Why would this tool excite me now and not during the time I’ve owned it before today?

You bought it on sale only to realize that it was for an 8-speed cassette and the chain bit were too wide to work very well. However, you are a fan on old bike and you just found an NOS Campy Record group on Ebay for 25$, so now you will buld up some classic steel frame and have a bike that it worls on.


New wheels


This hides some reason within this message as to why im excited

I did get new wheel’s! But nope!

Next clue - this tool has now been modified

12 speed!

Ding Ding (kinda), I knocked the old chain off of it and put a CN-HG701-11 on it to fit all my cassettes finally (I might add its waxed also)!

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