I Can't Ride Inside!

Do you have any experience with structured training? Because that makes all the difference.

You can just step on a bike and ride outside enjoying the scenery while getting some healthy exercise. If you ride indoors like that, it is not enjoyable.

With a structured training program, you have an exact program and you know in advance exactly what numbers you want to hit, trying to improve gradually every week. Training indoors is all about doing hard intervals, close to your limit. There is no time to be bored with being in your basement, because you are too occupied fighting the burn and trying to make it to the end of the interval.

I couldn’t tolerate indoor riding for so much as 10 minutes at first. Then I:

Got a good trainer

Got a TV

Took care of cooling

Built up a huge library of youtube videos to watch… Outdoor rides, DJ !ive sets, drone tours, videos shot from the front cabs of passenger trains in the Alps or elevated trains in Chicago/Tokyo etc… I can’t tell you what a difference these make combined with…

Spotify playlists. If i have a tough workout coming I’ll make one specifically for it so key tunes come in ar sticking points

Then I could do 30 minutes. Then 45. Then an hour and 45. It can be trained.

Now I’m getting in shape again after a long period of work craziness and training my tolerance all over. But I still have that video library!


Great post!
Now, when I was a lass we all rode outside, and we did our winter miles in all weathers and we made bootees out of old socks and I made a balaclava from an old pair of tights.
We stuffed our pockets (yes cycling jackets in those days had lots) with fruitcake and wine gums and a ham sandwich, and stuffed a thermos of tea in the bottlecage :rofl:
Indoor trainers were not a thing back then.
Now ,I’m ashamed to say, I’m a wimp when it comes to training outside as i hate the cold and have very little body fat.

I think you can 100% achieve your TR sessions outside so don’t feel any pressure to train indoors when you hate it :smile:


You find roads with little traffic, long sections between intersections, and consistent grades.

Do you have a specific model you’re in love with?

Any of their “blower” fan models are great. Game changer for me as well.

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I used to live along the coast so completely flat and had roads with light traffic and long sections between intersections. It was easy to hit my interval power targets.

Now I live someplace with shorter and punchier climbs and it’s more of a challenge.

Every location has its pros and cons. I train in the Delta, and can ride flat roads with 10-20 miles between intersections or stops. But I have to drive to another part of the state to find a climb. C’est la vie…

For training purposes I like flat. But for general fun for riding a prefer some place with some climbs