I am going to Geneva!

I need some tips from you guys:

I will be visiting Geneva around Oct(long way from Singapore). It’s a company trip, since i am here i might as well visiting Alpe d’Huez. My question is :

1: Is oct a good time for cycling?
2: other Alpe d’Huez, where is “must” visit alpe for me and that is not so far from Geneva.
3: I also heard about Col de Cou, Col du Feu, and Col de Saxel , are they suitable for road cyclist? or are they worth visiting? because 1 can only spend 2 additional days here.


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I was just there in May. Monte Du Saleve is a great ride from the city of Geneva. Use Strava and you can either go up the steep route or the super steep route.


I would not bank on riding the high alpine passes in October. Geneva itself will probably be somewhere around 10 to 15 C. On the passes there could already be snow. The risk of rain will also be quite high. But the region around lac lemon is Beautiful so riding around Geneva is nice already. But be prepared to have miserable weather.


I used to live in Geneva. The Salève was a literally my favorite location in the area. I’ve often told my wife, that upon my death I’d like my ashes scattered on the fields near the top on a warm spring day, in view of the fountain and lac.

Steep, but not insanely long. Do it. BUT, BUT, BUT, the weather in October could be nice in Geneva and miserable on the climb (and worse on the descent). Use common sense.


Living close to Geneva. Saleve is definitely your best bet.

I love Col de Saxel, but it’s a short and not very demanding. Col du Cou is slightly more demanding but doesn’t have great views. If you like to go in that direction, I would take the Green Valley route, which goes past Saxel and Cou and than you can loop back via Col de Terramont and Col de Saxel. Drink a coffee on top of Saxel before heading back to Geneva.

If you have time, a loop around the lake is also good fun. But that’s mostly flat (187 kms).


Actually, around the lake is “only” 176km—which should be good news. :blush: The D+ is about 900m over that distance, so indeed mostly flat.


for those who stay in geneva or been there before, can recommend a good bike rental?

I have recently used these guys from Geneva. Worked well.

Bcyclet: Store, Travel and Rental in Europe

Try https://bikech.ch. Super nice guys.

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Bike shop switzerland

They also do group rides Thursday and Saturday although I’m not sure if they are finished by October.

From Geneva you can there is lots to go at.
On the jura side you have col du marchairuz and down to lac de joux or la barillette

Alps side. There is soo much. Col de la colombiere can be done from Geneva.

L’alpe d’heuz is about 2-3 hours drive from Geneva. Down there you also have col du galibier and col de la Croix de fer that featured on this years tour de france.

Hope the weather is OK for you. First snow on the mountains is normally the beginning of November.

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Do you have a gpx file or a strava route?
I used to live near the Salève and I hiked it twice, but at the time I was not cycling much so I never cycled up it.
I will soon go to Geneva and I would like to rent a bike and finally climb the Salève.

here : Garmin Connect

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You can also take the train into the Valais, where the tour went this year. There are many great climbs there like col de la Croix and col du sanetch, just be careful that it has not snowed yet :slight_smile:

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