Hypoxic Tents and high aerobic output

I have a machine that removes a portion of the O2 in air. Putting the output into a single wall (think GoreTex) tent I can adjust the O2 concentration to simulate altitudes about 18,000" (or 25,000’ if I use a mask). I bought it for pre-acclimating to high elevations for mountaineering trips. During my last use (about 6 weeks) my hermatocrit went from 42 to 52. What effects would higher hermatocrit have on FTP and VO2 max level efforts? Would it give more of a Z2 boost or Z4-5?

Thanks for you thoughts.

Wow. That’s the same as EPO impact! How many hours a day did you spend in it?

It’ll help all of the above. I live at 6700ft. When I go down to sea level the biggest difference I notice is I can hold a high effort for way longer. I.e. TTE goes way up.

I slept in it everyday for about 6hrs at increasing altitudes up to about 19,000’. If using it for athletic performance, I’d probably go to about 10-12,000’

I think they talked a whole lot about Altitude and hypoxic tents on a podcast episode relatively recently :thinking: sadly don’t remember which episode