Hydration Pack Recommendation on AACC Podcast

Where do you clip it? Maybe I’m putting it in the wrong place?

There is a little piece of material specifically made for it to attach to. It’s a VERY tight fit, so if yours is falling off, I think something is amiss.

I notice USWE always show it pointing down, but I reverse my tube so that it crosses my body, making it so when I clip and unclip the valve, it only has to move a few inches between the clip and my mouth.

The USWE image

The way I do it.

I do like the uswe Outlander but didn’t like the way the tube was secured so bought a magnet for it and cut it down.

I do find that when it empties it rides up so that when you look up the base of the helmet touched the top of the back and puts pressure on my neck.

Bumping this thread. Can anyone explain what the difference is between the USWE Outlander 2 and the Oitlander Pro? Maybe I’m just being dumb but I can’t seem to figure out what exactly is different based on their descriptions

The most important difference is bladder capacity. The Pro has a 2L capacity while the Outlander 2L has a 1.5L hydration bladder. (Confusing, right?). The Pro also is supposedly lighter and cooler to wear with mesh straps, but costs an extra $20.

I should add that I have one and these are great packs.


For me, the biggest difference is that the Pro comes with the detachable bladder coupling and the non-pro comes with a fixed coupling that you have to install yourself. They may have improved the fixed coupling since I bought mine a few years ago, but at that time, it was so tight that I could not attach it. I had to exchange it for the detachable model.

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I believe the GoPro chest mount USWE makes doesn’t work with the pro. It’s similar to the “chesty” but is integrated in their clasp thing.

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Does a 2L bladder work with the Outlander 2L? There is a tiny bit of space with the 2L with a 1.5L baldder - wondering if I can put a 2L bladder in…

I’ve used 2L bladder in the Ranger and Outlander that appear to be the same size. The hardest part is actually getting 2L into the bladder. It feels like a bidon jammed in the pack.

I picked up a slightly wider bladder that is super nice so far.

I have the USWE Outlander Pro and love it. The bite valves have started leaking, probably bitten into them too hard whilst racing. Does anyone know where to source the silicon sheath from, rather than buying a whole new valve?